Alfabeti colorati
Alfabeti colorati

Italian courses

The Association “Alfabeti colorati” organizes each year in San Lazzaro a series of meetings where foreign women can learn italian in a pleasant and informal way through exchange and conversation.

Meetings, are held as usual at Habilandia, via Kennedy 32 San Lazzaro.The place is easily reached by bus 19. The meetings, which are held once a week on tuesday afternoon, lasting an hour and a half and are organized according to the different needs of participants, from literacy to advanced language proficiency.

Meetings will start again on tuesday 23 january 2018 .

At the end of the course it will be issued a certificate of attendance. After the start of meetings, requests for new admission will be accepted based on availability.

For more information, please contact one of the volunteers, Veronica, at the following phone number : 3394932949.

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Telefono 339 4932949 - Mail
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